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publicly here they had to hire additional staff to keep up with all of the extra demand. >> we've got five new permanent hires. >> reporter: some of them spent time answering phones. >> my cashiers have turned into receptionists. >> reporter: fielding dozens of donation requests for ja looel. they have a name and number and want to help financially, each of these slips. >> reporter: so many donations have come in, he decided to create his own foundation saying half of the money will go to help disadvantaged people find work. the other half will go to him but he'll share it with the most important people he's met -- >> 25% of my half is going to papa roux employees. they have been working to the bone and the restaurant has been more busy than had ever has been. they really deserve it, you know.
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>> people do things like that, what am i doing? amazing kid. >> a lot of good news because we have so much bad and a kid like that that's an example for all of us. >> and deserves a job. chicago bulls, that was fantastic to do that. that was kent ertoff from wxin. we wish jakeel ragen the best. >> here we are in atlanta together? >> i know. >> i usually have to call your name over a satellite. >> old friends since -- another decade ago. offices next to each other. >> part of the reason i'm here is because i was trying to escape snow ma geddon. >> how do you like the tan? >> me or you. >> both. we went away together. >> there, it's out, page 6. no secret. good to see you.
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hello, everybody. nice to have you with me. it is the winter that won't let go. and today it's really walloping washington. the school is closed and power is out and snow is piling up there and the government there, is shutting down. also, deadly bugs with no known cure. a new and spreading threat in america's hospitals that doctors are calling this a nightmare. and that could get a lot worse too. >> martha stewart saying she's quote, flabbergasted that macy's thinks she's a two timer. a very messy battle over taste and a lot of money. all coming the you this hour. in washington they decided they are going to call it the snowquester. not my word, theirs. the federal officials have shut down offices and by the end of the day, d.c. could be buried under 10 inches of wet heavy snow. nearly a million kids in the cool district from ohio to d.c.
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and all of those districts have the day off today. some 242,000 people, most of them in virginia and they are without power right now. northern virginia could get as much as 30 inches of snow. that's where we find joe johns this morning. every time we come to you, i look for the snow build up on you. so far so good but that's just the beginning, isn't it? >> reporter: it is just the beginning, we've seen it very steady and continuous and now it is a little bit more intermittent if you will. and i expect that to go on through the afternoon. we've gotten our yard stick out and at least where i am, i've measured from place to place where it looked like the snow was untouched about 6 inches of snow so far right here in downtown winchester, although that's by no means a scientific reading. and we figure by the end of the day the authorities will tell us whatever the number is but the
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most important thing is not just the volume of the snow, but how heavy it is and the way it sticks to the branches. you see here, it just sort of -- you get it, right? of course. >> you are such a rookie. >> reporter: i know, right. the deal is when that gets on the -- on the -- you stop laughing. when that gets on the wires, there's a problem because the wires come down and then you get power outages and so on. that's a pretty big deal, ashleigh. >> what we used to do in seconds grade, we tell our friends to stand and go thud on the tree. thanks for taking the assignment, it's a tough one. live from virginia. top stories, very top stories, roman catholic cardinals getting any closer to setting a date, they are not telling anyone about it. at last report, two of the 115
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princes of the church, what they are called, who will be choosing the pope, pope benedict's successor have not even arrived yet. they decided to stop making public comments until a new pope in in place. a bombshell decision from george zimmerman's legal team in florida, the man who shot trayvon martin a year ago decided not to ask a judge for immunity based on the controversial florida stand your ground law. instead zimmerman lawyers says he's going to straight with the focus of winning an aquitdal in a second degree murder trial. it's scheduled to start in june. dow jones heading higher a day after the highest ever closing. we're about 14,284, climbing after some pretty encouraging news on the job market. this story not so encouraging, a deadly and untreatable super
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1 million people driven from their homes because of the brutality of their government. that is the dire situation for the people of syria. the united nations refugee agency is reporting that the number of syrians who have fled for their lives and fled their country's civil war has in fact reached the 1 million mark. former florida governor jeb bush hopes his new book, "immigration wars" will give conservatives an immigration policy they can embrace. he spoke with jake tapper about the need for solutions to a complex problem. >> there is a growing consensus that not that immigration is the driver of people's decisions but it's a gate way issue. an issue that does -- does allow republicans if they are engaged in it, to make their case to abroader -- on a broader suite of issues than what we're allowing today. today if you keep being against
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things, particularly something that has, where you have emotional connectivity as immigration is for a lot of emerging voting groups, you won't have a chance to even make your case. >> they are being called deadly and untreatable and actually a nightmare. health officials are sounding a serious alarm and scrambling to stop super bugs that are spreading in hospitals right across this country before it is too late. our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is with me. first of all this is not something you hear medical officials say, a nightmare. at first i thought that was someone else's hyper bolic headline. >> no the cdc is straight laced and doesn't use words like that. i was surprised to see it too. they are on the rise and there's not a whole lot you can do about them. some antibiotics do work, but the ones that do are toxic, can hurt your kidneys and some
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barely work at all. more than 200 hospitals and nursing homes in the country, all of them have seen one patient with this super bug. it spreads, right. >> incredible numbers. if i'm the patient or i'm scheduling a surgery and listening to this story at home right now, there is anything preventative i can do short of not breathing. >> you should realize you are vulnerable. even if you break your leg or whatever and rest of you is fine, that broken leg can get -- that site could get infected. here are the things to remember. number one, this bug is spread by the hands of doctors and nurses. they spread it. whenever anyone comes in your room and wants to touch you, i want to see you wash your hands. don't worry about making friends, you're not there to make friends but get out alive. if you don't see them wash or sterilize their hands, say to
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the doctor or nurse, this catheter has been in for a day now, can we get it out. those are great places for bacteria to grow. >> when i was look the after my dad, he had a catheter and i had no idea of the length of time. you can't take it out all the time. >> sometimes it has to be in there. they put it in there for a reason. but doctors will tell you they get left in there and somebody says, we should have taken this out a couple of days ago. it's not okay to have it hanging out. it should be in there for the amount of time it needs to be in there then it needs to come out. you, the patient sometimes or the family of the patient needs to be the one keeping track. doctor, can this thing come out. >> i hope they are developing something that eventually will be able to attack this. >> they don't think there's going to be a new antibiotic for ten years. they are not developed quickly. it can take a very, very long time. and that's why they are so concerned about this. >> new headline, ten years. elizabeth, that's very distressing. thank you. you can read a lot more on how to avoid infections like this
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british tabloids reporting prince william and kate middleton are having a little girl, based on something the duchess herself said. as a woman handed her a teddy bear, she said, quote, thank you, i'll take that for my d -- then quickly stopped herself before she said any other d words, the baby is due in july. so sweet. do you think you've had a rough day? yep, don't want to be the foreman on that job. a 14-ton support tower for power lines got away from a crane operator in oregon. it brought the whole shebang
8:17 am
down. there was nobody hurt, thank god, but somebody definitely has a little explaining to do. hate when that happens, makes for good tv, though. the ceo of yahoo! may be setting a trend. best buy has decided to end its own flex able work program. some of those affected may be able to telecommute or set flexible schedules. this time though, they have to talk to their manager about it first. for 15 days on the witness stands we have seen a accused murderer jodi arias cotled by her defense team and attacked by the prosecution. today the jury gets its turn. it's very strange. arizona is one of three straits that allows the jurors to ask questions of the witnesses. this group has a lot to ask. they've now apparently submitted somewhere around 100, 100 questions over the course of her
8:18 am
testimony. we're going to have more in just a moment. cnn's randi kaye tells u.s. what went down jucht yesterday. >> reporter: if you believe what jodi arias says on the stand, she said travis said it would be like winning the wife lottery. >> had he ever proposed to you? >> he did over the phone once rpts if their relationship was so good, that even marriage was being discussed, how on earth did it get this bad? again today, arias' defense team tried to prove it was all self-defense. she shared this story of past abuse of alexander choking her. >> at first i thought of clawing at his face but then i couldn't -- i couldn't do that. it didn't feel right to gouge his eyes out or something. >> reporter: citing examples like alexander tieing arias to the bed with rope, the defense tried to show alexander controlled her and when he
8:19 am
wanted sex, he took it. >> would it be fair to say he had an all access pass to your body? >> yes. >> reporter: what about arias' failing memory the day alexander died? she has testified that she shot alexander first and doesn't remember anything after that. here in court her defense lawyer tried to raise even the slightest doubt that was arias who stabbed alexander nearly 30 times and sliced his throat so deep, his head was nearly cut off. >> do you have any memories of slashing mr. alexander's throat? >> no. >> you -- when you were asked on cross-examination if you did that, do you recall telling us that you did? >> yes. >> was that a recollection or a logical assumption on your part? >> it was definitely not a
8:20 am
recollection. >> reporter: what might have been arias' motive, what's she driven to kill after finding out alexander was seeing another woman. >> i wasn't thrilled i was december vas tated when he wasn't being faithful to me. >> reporter: the defense was quick to point out arias knew alexander was cheating for some time and kept having sex with him, an attempt to show arias didn't just snap on the day of the killing. >> this is something you had a longstanding knowledge of before june 4th of 2008, isn't that correct? >> yes. >> reporter: for first time arias told the jury she wishes she could turn back the clock. some different decisions regarding alexander. she said she thought he needed help, he is specis especially ad him mass ter baiting to a picture of a young boy. >> it was a startling event? >> it was shocking. >> reporter: the prosecutor cast doubt by questioning arias why she didn't share such a shocking
8:21 am
event in her journal. >> it's a highly negative event and negative experience for me and not something i wished to remember. >> reporter: nor does she want to remember the day alexander died. >> the events of june 4th, 2008, do you want to remember those? >> there's a part of me that doesn't ever want to remember it. i feel like i'm the person who deserves to sit with those memories. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, phoenix, arizona. >> i want to bring in vinnie politan and ryan smith. you have the best perspective, you've been wall to wall on the coverage. truly as a juror you see a trial wall to wall. as a tv viewer you see exerts and as much as the network can provide. in this particular case the jury
8:22 am
has everything to work with. they are going to start asking questions. what do we expect them to ask about? >> i didn't have a chance to tell your producer, but i have three of the questions. >> you've got questions right there. the first one -- >> look at you. >> i have connections in maricopa county -- >> been to the jail, do you? >> really? >> good one. >> the second one is, do you think we were born yesterday? and the last one, i found most telling, jodi, do you ever stop talking? >> we know how you feel. >> really. here's the deal, many of them might have questions somewhat similar but the judge doesn't read them all. >> no, what they do is the judge will take them and lawyers will get a chance to see them so the prosecution and defense and eliminate dups so you want see 100 asked. then they'll get to a point where they can ask questions that can be asked in the courtroom. you never know what they come through with. this is so good because i wish he had a in every state.
8:23 am
we want to see what the jury is thinking but more than that it gives a sense, even as a lawyer, what are they thinking and where are they going? >> they have to figure out what happened here. they should be able to ask questions. here's the little twist with jodi arias, she gets the questions ahead of time. >> no she doesn't. >> yes, she does. >> her own personal discovery. she'll have them three hours beforehand. she'll have an hour with the questions in front of her with the lawyer then the questions go to the prosecutor and he looks ats them for an hour but she has another hour to think about her answer and goes to lunch. she'll have three hours to prepare to answer the questions. >> i'm not going to suggest for a moment i understand in most states but what would be the reason that anybody who gets on a stand would get advance knowledge of what questions are going to be, other than from your own lawyer? >> the constitution. >> yeah. >> what's the benefit here? >> she could defend herself and the lawyers are reviewing the questions. if the lawyer can review it, she
8:24 am
can. >> we want to give her that right, the same right she would have on any other questioning or discovery coming out. >> most hated woman in america, casety anthony or jodi arias? >> i would still say casey. >> casey. >> i have something coming up in the next segment, van, do you have the -- do you know what this is? >> it's a baseball bat. bat day. >> it's a toy, right? it looks inknock cuous. doesn't it sound like it? you can bring this on a plane now. you want to know what else? >> what. >> that's coming up next. what a tease. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business.
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8:28 am
don't, this happens to belong to my producer, full disclosure here. see all of those people, i'll bet a lot of them had to turn over something to a tsa agent before being allowed to get on their planes, but they and you will get a break starting april 25th because that's when the tsa decided to lift a ban on some things, like small pocket knives. and a couple of others things as well that may have been on your list of things you want to take on the plane. are you ready? it's a demo. for people who play lacrosse, you're good to go. you can take it on board. for those of you who can't wait to get to the next pool tournament, pool cues, you're good to go. can you take those on board as well. my favorite, the hockey stick. some of these things are really special and important and you don't want to check them. now you can take the giant hockey stick on board. now there's -- some people consider weapons or baseball bats. these are toys, right?
8:29 am
listen. so pretty inknock cuous. remember this with vinnie and ryan, that's like a fish bonker. but you can bring a toy on even though it's solid and has weight. golf clubs, only two, sorry. if you have your favorite putter and driver, you're good, but you can't bring on anything more than two. i don't know what you can do with more than two anyway. the knives, this is important, the one i showed you has a locking handle. even though it's a small blade, take a peek, no, if tgs a locking handle, no go. but, for those leatherman type of things where you have all sorts of instruments, i'm not sure what this is called, swiss armyish and has tools and blades and scissors, that's fine. that's okay. so is this one, little scissors, kind of sharp. no locking blade and there's the knife on the end. the knives, they are not going to measure them but keep an eye out for them.
8:30 am
the blade can't be more than 2.36 inches long. don't know why they chose that number. 2.36 inches long and can't be more than a half inch thick at its widest point. i'm not sure if that's a half inch, even though the blade might be short enough, it also locks so you can't take that despite the length. locking blade and molded grip, all out of the question. cannot do that. there are a couple of things still that you can't be free from. ready, these are not mine just for the record. you know when you have to take your shoes off, you still have to and still have to put your belt in the bin and you still can't bring these little guys, your shampoo and little thing of hairspray if it's not this, travel size, liquids are still out of the question. kind of frustrating for a lot of people because this is what we've been hassled with a lot as well and still no go. there are a couple of other things that might surprise you. you can't bring these things on
8:31 am
board. i don't know why the tsa told us this, but you can't bring guns. you can't bring axes or meat cleefrs on board. and box cutters are still out. cattle prods are still out. and dynamite is a no go. and hand grenades are a no go. i'm sorry, guys, your hand grenades you have to leave them at home. joining me is leslie mayo, with the association of professional flight attendants, while i made jokes about this stuff, you're not happy about these things. why is that? >> thanks for having me, ashleigh. at the apa, association of professional flight attendants, our top priority is always the safety of our passengers. this announcement is a little bit concerning. and currently we're looking into it, trying to get to the bottom
8:32 am
of why this decision was made. >> can i ask you, look, i get it, this bat i brought up, this toy thing, i couldn't do anything with this. it seemed like a joke i wouldn't have been able to bring this on board before. not sure if you can see a monitor, but the blue bat that's plastic and weighs about an ounce. yet, i still can't bring more than this amount of shampoo on board. do you have an issue as well with the liquids and restrictions staying in place? are you happy about that or do they seem foolish? >> there are reasons for all of the bans. we are in full support of shampoo and toothpaste returning to the airport cab bin. >> full size? >> yeah, as long as it's safe and reproper review takes place as the first responders on the aircraft, we need to be involved in the review process and we were not. >> you were not consulted at all. >> no we were not. >> did you have a heads up
8:33 am
before i knew? >> no, we found out about it yesterday morning. bright and early. >> listen, i do want to read something from the former administrator of the tsa, the mission is to prevent a catastrophic attack on the transportation system, not to ensure every single passenger can avoid harm while traveling. much of the friction in the system today results from rules that are direct responses to how we were attacked on 9/11. but it's simply no longer the case that killing a few people on board a plane could lead to a hijacking. last comment from you, isn't there some reason -- isn't that a rational thought given who we are today, what we've become and now locked cockpits and vigilant passengers who wouldn't let someone take down their plane? >> i think that once you get to the point where you're allowing knives and relaxing the rules such as was announced yesterday, it's -- it becomes an opening.
8:34 am
aren't always able to anticipate the next threat -- >> sorry, i'm just running short on time. i appreciate you taking time to speak with us. >> thanks for having me. >> we appreciate your information. using drones on americans to kill them right here in america, it doesn't sound real but could it happen? if the attorney general speaks about it, i'm sure you're listening. it's very controversial and you may not believe what he has to say next.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
mount etna letting out fire and lava and spectacular eruptions, i want to repeat, no threat to anyone who lives nearby. very important. this is sicily and the occasional cloud of ash but so far pretty pictures, nothing else threatening. valerie harper has been diagnosed with brain dan certificate. the 73-year-old who played mary tyler moore's friend rhoda may only have three months to live. quick response by a public safety officer saved a life. a suicidal man standing on the railing of a michigan overpass, the officer approaches him and
8:38 am
grabs him and able to pull him off. look at that rescue. that's wonderful. thank god. in the government's effort to protect americans from terrorists overseas, one of the most deadly and effective weapons is unmanned, arm drones but should theyen used to attack americans on american soil. yes, only under extraordinary circumstances. he's responding to a question from rand paul, the refusal to rule out drone strikes entirely is more than frightening. it is an affront to the due process rights of all americans. but, is it? chris lawrence joins us from the pentagon and sunny hostin is live in new york. chris, first the details of all of this, it's never as simple as it seems as face value. was the layer beneath the headline. >> the layer beneath the
8:39 am
headline, holder was asked a hypothetical question. he says the u.s. government has no plans to strike any americans here on u.s. soil. but hypothetically, he hopes that no president would ever have to deal with this, but he leaves the door open. he says there may be an imminent attack that could be so cat str strofic, akin to 9/11, that the president would have to authorize a lethal strike on an american on u.s. soil. listen to the testy change between ted cruz and eric holder talking about the ways in which this could potentially happen. >> the way in which you have described, this person sitting at the cafe, not doing anything imminently, the use of lethal force would not be appropriate, would not be something -- >> i find it remarkable that you still will not give an opinion on the constitutionality let me move onto the next topic.
8:40 am
we've gone round and round. >> translate my appropriate to no, i thought i was saying no. >> no, no. no attack unless there was some sort of imminent danger is what he kept going back to, ashleigh. >> imminent, i remember that word was the subject of much ado when we talked about overseas targeting of u.s. citizens. sunny, i want you to weigh in, do we need take definition because the government kills people all the time. if someone is holding a knife to my throat, a sniper can take them out. it happens a lot. these are targeted killings of american citizens by the government. what would be different if you used a drone? >> the government has provided somewhat of a definition, we have the white paper which i think the legal opinions that are being espoused by our attorney general are based upon. in that white paper, this describes what i believe is a pretty elastic definition of what this imminent threat.
8:41 am
it says it is not necessary for a specific attack to be in process when a target is found, if the target is generally engaged in terrorist activities aimed at the u.s. it doesn't describe the thresholds of evidence necessary to determine what an imminent threat is. i think most importantly, it almost advises that courts should not be involved in that determination. and i think that is why constitutional legal experts and lawyers and legal geeks like myself are sort of saying, hey, wait a minute here, is this constitutionally per missible? is this an overreach by the executive branch because we don't have checks and balances of the judicial branch we're used to having. >> the definition of imminent, i want to know as a lot of people want to know. sunny hostin and chris lawrence thank you. tune in tonight, we have a closer look at the battle over drone strikes, erin bur net is treating this specially tonight.
8:42 am
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for current and former military members and their families. get advice from the people who share your values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa. it just boggles my mind that we're sitting here, that is a quote directly from the queen, martha stewart, from the witness
8:45 am
stand in a big money trial that pits macy's which has sold martha's merchandise for years, against both martha stewart and jc pen knee. stewart said she's flabbergasted that the penney deal is causing such a fuss. christine romans was there and got to speak with martha moments after she got off the witness stand. we're joined by former prosecute e. sunny hostin and and law professor, joey jackson. christine, contract law is boring to me, maybe to some other people too, why it doesn't make the news a whole lot. when you add martha to the mix, does something in the courtroom change? is there a dynamic that changed? she walks in and everything goes real quiet. >> these are three household names. contract law isn't boring if you're a contract law billing a
8:46 am
big company for your contract law work, i'm sure. look, there was a ten ashs macy's attorney who tried to show this was a woman who went behind the back of her partner in macy's to deal with jc penny. she said, we thought business would be bigger at macy's but it kept us static. $300 million was enough to sustain a company of her size and went out and did another piece of business there. the macy's attorney going after her saying, do you really think you have -- you have an exclusivity agreement with macy's, do you think the same customer will buy one of your ee namal cast iron pieces of cookware and walk to the other end and buy another one? >> people could have two houses, might have two kitchens. >> good answer. >> like martha. >> this is a bench trial, no jury there to impress, you're just speaking to the man, the judge. and he seemed to agree with martha on at least one point and
8:47 am
that was that this did not need to be a full blown trial. what was that a reference to? >> is that for me? >> you, sunny, go ahead. >> i think that it's always better in some sense to have a trial just in front of a judge because it's a legal issue. it's a contract issue, not the sensationalism like in the jodi arias trial, it's pretty black letter law. it's better for a judge to decide that sort of thing. you don't need a full blown trial. the issue is was the contract breached. martha is a saying, no, there was a little exclusion, loophole in the contract and my stuff is being sold in these martha stewart stores inside of jc penney, which i think is pretty slick. >> a store within a store. joey, i want to play what martha said on the "today" show. >> i think our product is so
8:48 am
strong at macy's it will not hurt that at all. we are there for the macy's consumer. >> joey, does it matter what she says to the "today" show about what she thinks in terms of who's business is going to be harmed or is that all about the contract and what everybody thought when they signed? >> it's about a contract and what you thought. is it exclusive or not exclusive? and she's arguing, of course, wait a second, it may be exclusive but i'm designing different products for j.c. penney's, they weren't contemplated in the contract at the time. she knows what she's doing, very business savvy, who knows whether she can convince a judge that the language exclusive means something a little different than we ultimately thought or originally thought. >> i love those pots and i would buy two. >> me too. >> thank you all, appreciate it. if you think it is take little bit awkward to stand in an elevator with a stranger for 30 seconds, how would you feel if you saw this in an elevator?
8:49 am
oh, my lord, a murder in progress. at least that's what it appears to be. and look at the reactions. we're going to show why we're showing you this and explain what it is about the law that tells you what you need to do or not do. performance sales event has begun. ♪ featuring the powerful gs. ♪ just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything. ♪ get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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8:52 am
what would you do if you came across a murder in progress? would you run? maybe try and help stop the murder? would you stop and take a picture so you could post it online? these are some serious questions after some unwitting people were put on the spot. it was all part of a promotional film, so it was fake, but really, what would you do if you were in that spot? take a look at the video.
8:53 am
i like the guy who tackles, right? i'm not going to let this guy get away with murder. ryan smith is back. vinnie politan back with me as well. okay, where does the law step in? if i'm a bystander and i see that, could i be prosecuted if i walk away and let him die? >> if you help, you can help as long as you provide reasonable help. somebody's trying attack somebody, you can't pull out a gun and try to shoot them, that might be unreasonable unless that's necessary in the situation. in terms of walking away, a lot of states don't have laws that say you have to sit there and commend? it's a common sense thing. jump in, do what you can.
8:54 am
you see the people grabbing somebody if they can, but you don't try to kill somebody if you think they're trying to push somebody around. >> do i have a duty to respond? >> no. >> that's it. plain and simple. >> but here's the part of the video that shocked me is that what if someone and this is with the prank. this, this scenario they set up, you know, these people that were coming upon that, they didn't know how they were going to react to this. >> there was somebody who commented on this video, some day, someone is going to shoot an actor. >> exactly. >> that's what shocked me about this, that this isn't stage, this is a real prank with real people being fooled here, i can't believe someone gave them the thumb's up to do it. just seems so incredibly dangerous. >> full disclosure. the guy who took the pictures, a lot of people acted very negatively. that was an actor. not part of the real reaction.
8:55 am
>> i saw some people walking away, too. >> we don't know if that was true or not. there were some actors sprinkled in there for the reasons production company revealed, but listen, if that guy took picture, what's to say he wasn't doing that if somebody got away with murder, too. but looking back on p paparazzi, i love this one. a rock star getting protection for some very unflattering photographs and then before we go to break, i got something i need to show you. miami heat doing the harlem shake and everybody watching, it's been really big and viral and crazy. the minnesota timber wolves have had enough and this is their version of the harlem shake. ♪ >> that's what i think of your
8:56 am
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i'm doing something
8:59 am
honorable -- >> wow. do you remember that video? halle berry going off on a photographer because they are outside of her children's school in los angeles. her child's school. one of the things that absolutely drives celebrities crazy. when their space is invaded on a level like that. children and other things. hawaii is now considering some legislation that would allow famous people to sue photographers for invading their privacy. it's called the steven tyler act after the front man for aerosmith. the paparazzi captured some unfl unflattering pictures of him in a little bathing institute inin. he asked the legislature to make it illegal and the stat

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